Nick Doyle: No Vacany at 56 Henry

Jun 27—Jul 26, 2019

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Nick Doyle, do not disturb, burn out, and we’re in this together, 2019
Burnout  1300 xxx q82
Burnout, 2019
Difference and repetition  1300 xxx q82
Difference and repetition, 2019
Do not disturb  1300 xxx q82
Do not disturb, 2019
Executive toy make it stop alt  1300 xxx q82
Executive toy: make it stop, 2019
Heading west  1300 xxx q82
Heading west, 2019
Hello darkness my old friend copy  1300 xxx q82
Hello darkness my old friend, 2019
Were in this together  1300 xxx q82
We're in this together, 2019
56 henry 12581 1300 xxx q82
Executive toy: make it stop at 56 Henry during CONDO NY 2019
56 henry 12634 1300 xxx q82
Nick Doyle at 56 Henry during CONDO NY 2019
56 henry 12637 1300 xxx q82
Nick Doyle at 56 Henry during CONDO NY 2019

For Condo New York 2019, Detroit gallery Reyes | Finn is pleased to present No Vacancy, an exhibition of new sculptural works by Nick Doyle, hosted by 56 Henry. Condo New York will be open June 27th, 12-8pm and June 28th, 12-6pm

The opening reception is Thursday, June 27, from 6-8PM.

Picture a motel room. An old phone is off the hook and alka seltzer tablets lay close to an “off” light switch. In No Vacancy, Doyle morphs this familiar interior, part of the fabric of the great American road trip, into a series of new sculptural wall works made of denim. Accompanying these works is a single sculpture from his series of “executive toys”: kinetic sculptures with suited men in moments of self-harm, examining the paths we took to get to an era of thievery and greed.

Doyle’s work celebrates and isolates common American objects, often using denim as the prime material. His decision to work with the fabric is partly because its history is compounded by the myth of American made. Denim is, as the old cotton ad says, the "fabric of our lives.” He reminds us, though, that the origins of denim, its raw materials, are part of America’s original sin. Both indigo and cotton were early colonial commodities supporting American industries which were entirely dependent upon slave labor. This blinkered embrace by the hip of a wholly tainted material fits into Doyle’s thoughts on America’s schizophrenic relationship with its own identity.

Nick Doyle will have a solo exhibition at Reyes | Finn in January of 2020.